Jackson Graves

A gravedigger, mortician, and general mo-fo.


Calling: Mortician/Gravedigger
Nature: Fanatic
Country of Origin: USA
Pantheon: Pesedjet
Deity: Anubis

Strength 3/1, Dexterity 3/1, Stamina 2/0
Charisma 3/0, Manipulation 3/0, Appearance 3/0
Perception 3/2, Intelligence 5/1, Wits 3/0

Academics 2, Animal Ken 2, Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 3, Command 2, Empathy 2, Fortitude 2, Integrity 3, Investigation 2, Marksmanship 2, Medicine 3, Occult 2, Science (Toxicology) 2

Omen, the best dog ever (Animal 3)
Dagger of Last Rights (Relic 1, Death)
Scarab Ring (Relic 1, Justice)
Wraps of the Pharaoh (Divine Weapon)
Horus-Blessed Glock (Divine Weapon)

Ren Harvest
Sekem Blaze
Delay Rot

Scent of the Divine
Subliminal Warning
In Your Dreams
Fast Learner
Trick Shooter
Crushing Grip
Fight with Your Head

Intellect 3
Duty 2
Vengeance 1
Harmony 3

Other Numbers
4 Move, 11 Dash, 6 Jump
6 Willpower Maximum
3 Legend, 9 Legend Points Maximum
Soak: 2B, 1L, 0A
Armor (Heavy Leather Jacket): 3B, 1L, 0A


Jackson has always been reserved. Even when he was little, he preferred to observe and learn about situations before jumping head-on into them, which suited Sandra Graves, his mother, just fine: he made it easy for her to both run the Sunset Cemetery and be a single mother at the same time. The Sunset Cemetery had been run by the Graves family for several generations, and they had always run it with dignity and respect. So it was little wonder that the family caught the eye of Anubis, the Pesedjet’s god of the dead.

The day of that Sandra returned home after giving birth, Sandra noticed a large, black, jackal-like dog waiting by her front door. Having known the god of death, she realized Omen for the intelligent beast that he was. Omen was Jackson’s closest companion and fiercest guardian growing up. Jackson never questioned why Omen never seemed to age until he was in his mid-teens; it was one of a few things that he questioned his mother about. Her only answer was that she’d tell him when the time was right.

She never did tell him though, as she had a stroke after Jackson turned 21. She fell into a coma afterward, and passed away not long after that. The experience was traumatic for Jackson; he’d never been that close to too many people, and now one of the pillars of his life was gone. It was at his mother’s funeral that he finally met his father, Anubis. The god explained what had happened between himself and Sandra, and assured Jackson that his mother was going on to paradise because of the life she’d lived. He also gave Jackson a ring and an old bronze dagger, although the grieving young man didn’t understand the significance of the items at the time.

It took some time, but Jackson was soon able to move on with his life. After getting a business degree at UC Santa Cruz, Jackson took over running the Sunset Cemetery, running it with the same respect for the dead that his mother had. Anubis contacted him a few other times after the funeral; the last time he did so, about 2 months before Jackson met with the other Scions, Anubis hinted that something was happening among the Gods. Something so worrying that he gifted his son with enchanted hand wraps and handgun that he had his brother Horus bless. It was an ominous meeting, to be sure…

Jackson Graves

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