Collection of the Divine

On a Mission from Gods
The heroes are summoned and charged with a quest.

On a normal days for the Scions (as normal as a day can be for the children of gods), the heroes each received a summons, beckoning them to the small Californian town of Cupertino at 1:30 pm the next day. At his desk, Morgan DiGermano got a phone call from his father Hades. Jackson Graves was given a letter, written on heavy papyrus, by his faithful dog Omen. Ken Ramirez was told of the meeting by an assistant, leaving a charity dinner in a Chicago skyscraper by way of parachute and landing in the back of his limo. Trey Miller, who drove for Ken, had his own message specially delivered by way of carefully aimed pigeon poo to his windshield. Enraged by the soiling of his car, Trey drove Ken halfway across the country with no sleep or food. Morgan was the first to arrive, showing up 30 minutes earlier in order to survey the area, hiding himself in shadows before the others arrived. Jackson came 15 minutes later, sitting on a bench and waiting for anyone else to arrive; Omen stood watch, growling slightly, alerting his master to Morgan’s presence. Ken and Trey arrived exactly one minute before the deadline, with Trey ostentatiously doing several spirals into a parking place next to the meeting spot. The Scions became acquainted with each other quickly, each knowing the others in some small way.

As they talked, the meeting time was reached. The door to the brick building opened, revealing Hachiman in human form. He invited them in, pleased to see that they were so punctual, with the exception of an unnamed Scion of Loki, who was late due to flying across the Atlantic from London. Inside the building, a small lounge had been prepared, with a table for tea and snacks. Seated around a small fireplace were the Scions’ divine parents: Hades, Legba, and Anubis. Greetings were exchanged and refreshment was taken (with Trey helping himself to several crackers to stave off starvation) as Hades took the lead on the matter. He explained to them how the pantheons had suffered great thefts, with powerful artifacts being lifted from the Overworlds. None could explain the method or reason of the thefts, only knowing some scant information about the thieves: cloaked in black with stark, white faces. This resemblance to Noh theatre actors, combined with the fact that the Amatsukami had not suffered the same thefts, lead some gods to assume the Japanese gods had a hands in the crimes some how. Yet this was no time to make idle accusations. Inter-pantheon squabbles were put aside for the greater good. Hades told the Scions of their plan to send artifacts to Earth, hoping the thief would go after them, giving the Scions a chance of catching them. The locations were erased from the gods’ minds, ensuring the thief wouldn’t have a chance of finding them. The children were thus charged with finding the Earthbound items, finding the thief, and recovering the stolen items. Anubis handed Jackson the location that remained for the start of the hunt: the World Cultural Museum in San Jose. With this, some supplies, and a magic Corvette, created by the Greek and Celtic pantheons and imbued with the power of the legendary Seven League Boots, the Scions began their journey.

The party arrived at the World Cultural Museum, a fine establishment of world heritage knowledge. An advertisement there said that the Imperial Regalia of Japan was being shown inside. The group entered and were soon met by one of the curators, Professor Daniel Matsumoto. Ken immediately remembered him from his youth, with both discovering the other was a Scion of the Amatsukami. They rejoiced as Daniel told them of the plight his pantheon faced, taking most of the suspicion of the thefts. Jackson, Ken, and Daniel talked as Trey surveyed his magic map, looking perplexed as he read it. Morgan wandered on his own, going to investigate the exhibit room for any possible signs of crime. He found none, but did encounter a strange woman, who enticed him over to her through some unnatural means. She seemed to have a distinct interest in his presence there, asking him various questions. Morgan left her, feeling very suspicious, especially due to her not having any ichor and still able to have supernatural powers. Daniel found Morgan and brought him to the staff lounge for a small meal.

Later, Morgan told the others about the woman he’d met in the exhibit. Daniel heard his description and brought everyone to the security room, remembering her face from before and worried she may be attempting to steal with Regalia. Ken spoke to the spirits of the cameras, where Camera #52 told him about the woman’s presence in the museum a week earlier when the special exhibit opened. Ken set Camera #52 about to keep track of the woman while Trey used a picture of the woman as a means of possessing her. Through her eyes, Trey found her casing the warehouse behind the museum, where the really valuable pieces were stored overnight. Also, very oddly, he found her making some kind of communication with a spider in the gardens. The woman tried to dislodge Trey from her mind, feeling a sense of unease, but Trey held fast, hiding in her mind until she left him alone. After a few more minutes of tailing her, Trey related all her had seen to the party. Daniel became very uneasy by the revelation of the woman “speaking” to a spider and took them to the basement library. Through a book on mythological Japanese creatures, the party discovered that the woman was in fact a jorogumo, an alluring, shapeshifting spider-woman. Daniel became very pale when this was revealed, noting how tricky and dangerous this monster was reputed to be. Jackson began suggesting a plan to draw her out before she could steal the items as they were being transferred to a secure warehouse.


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