Yata no Kagami

A magical shield of the sun.

  • Gives the wielder access to the Sun Purview.
  • Adds +2 to defending against any attack with the metal side facing out.
  • Able to shrink between its full size (2’ in diameter) and a pocket-sized version (5" in diameter).

One of the trio of the Imperial Regalia of Japan, Yata no Kagami (also known as the Sacred Mirror) is associated with the Sun, being the item that drew Amaterasu out of hiding from a cave. Hiding from her brother Susano-o after a particularly bad temper tantrum of his, Amaterasu was brought out of the cave when Ame-no-Uzume (Japanese goddess of the dawn and revelry) hung a mirror outside the cave entrance, allowing Amaterasu to see her beauty and bring the sun back to the world. The Mirror is often of a large size and made with burnished metal, but can shrink to fit comfortably in one’s pocket.

The Amatsukami had sent the Mirror and the other two Regalia to Earth, disguised as museum pieces. The Scions found them, but were unable to stop the thieves. They were left with the Mirror, an X-shaped scratch marring the glass surface.

Yata no Kagami

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