The Feather of Ma'at

The feather of truth that always knows one's deeds.

  • The holder of the feather may roll Perception + Empathy to know immediately the virtues and sins of anyone they are in contact with, be they human or Scion.

The symbol of the Egyptian goddess of truth Ma’at, the Feather is often associated with the judgement of the Egyptian dead. Placed on one side of the Scales of Truth, the deceased’s heart is put in the other basket. If the heart is equal to or lighter than the feather, the dead may pass into the Afterlife. But if it is heavier, weighed down with sin and corruption, the heart is eaten by Ammet, Devourer of the Dead, and the spirit is cursed to never see the Afterlife.

The Feather was hidden in a painting of the Hall of Two Truths, put up for auction at the Luxor hotel/casino. The Scions broke into the vault and retrieved it, but were assaulted by the mysterious masked thieves before escaping with it.

The Feather of Ma'at

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