Jackson's faithful doggy companion


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Jackson Graves has known Omen almost his entire life. Omen looks a large, black dog whose pedigree is muddled, at best. He wears a red collar with his name tag dangling from it, and has a white spot of fur over his left eye and down his back right leg.

Omen’s true identity, of course, is a jackal spirit from the Pesedjet’s Hall of the Dead, incarnated on Earth to watch over Anubis’s mortal son. Beyond that fact, though, Omen’s true nature is a mystery. What duties did he have in the halls of the dead? What kind of spirit is he? What powers does he possess? All questions that no one has been able to answer.

Omen has a very friendly personality, and likes to be rubbed. He’s also a big fan of cooked meat; he’ll eat it raw, but he’s not happy about that. Omen also appears to be rather intelligent, being much smarter than the average dog; he can follow complex orders in the head of combat with few problems. How smart he is, like many other aspects about him, is a mystery. Jackson and Omen possess a strong bond of friendship and trust, and Omen acts on orders Jackson would give without Jackson even needing to voice them.

Overall, Omen is probably the best dog on the face of the planet at the moment.


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