Manfred Pescatore

Fish-farm CEO and Scion of Poseidon


Hotheaded but deeply caring of his employees and shareholders, Manfred is CEO of Amphitrite Aquafarms, a business dedicated to sustainable fishery practices. Headquartered in New York, Manfred runs his business like a sea captain, running a tight ship but giving everyone their fair share of the profits. As of late, Manfred’s ships have been attacked by with incredibly ease, a fact which enrages him (not to mention aggravates his drinking habit). What’s worse is the attacks are most likely being perpetrated by his hateful enemy Octavia Rackham, captain of the Black Kraken Crew. He keeps the Aegis safe in his office, but is more focused on the needs of his company than those of his family.

  • Manfred lost his left hand in a swordfight with Octavia. He received a hook as a relic from his Visitation to replace it.
  • Despite his predilection for alcohol, both his divine heritage and Italian background make it more of a minor issue.

Manfred Pescatore

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