Collection of the Divine

Sunken Prospects

Something's rotten in the Big Apple.

Our heroes relaxed on their train trip from New Orleans to New York City, glad for the respite from their usual running, fighting, and artifact hunting. With two hours left on their train trip, the heroes were suddenly assaulted by a malevolent message coming from the train car’s intercom. Trey and Jackson heard it, but Ken did not, as strange things followed the chilling threat. After getting another prophecy from his map, Trey’s Birthright began to send terrifying messages to the Scion, with repeated mentions of his father going to die due to his inaction in finding him. Trey tried rolling up the map, but the two ends never seemed to get any closer to each other. Jackson’s were much worse, as he heard faint hissing sounds coming from the car. Turning around, he saw a massive rattlesnake, triggering his latent fear of snakes. As the others were freaking out, Ken tried to figure out what was wrong with them, but he found that nothing was triggering their vigil brands. Trey snapped out of it as Ken caught his attention; Jackson wasn’t as lucky. A familiar ringing filled his ears as he turned to find the Slender Man himself sitting in the chair next to him, causing the Egyptian Scion to jump back in fright, straight into Ken. Only visible to Jackson, the Slender Man loomed over him as Ken placed Jackson under a protective Aegis. The horror was instantly gone, leaving the three to wonder what the hell had just happened as the train finally pulled into Grand Central Station.

Exiting the train with their artifacts, the Scions were met by a strange man with orders to pick them up. His named was Esteban Rodriguez, chief of security for Amphritrite Aquafarms, a prestigious fish-farming company headquartered in NYC. Esteban told the others that his employer, Manfred Pescatore, wanted to see them immediately. The car took them to a tall skyscraper and Esteban led the party inside to the top floor. A bored-looking secretary informed Esteban that Mr. Pescatore was still in a very bad mood, having worked his way through most of a bottle of whiskey. The four went into a very plush penthouse office, which was currently in a state of disarray with books, Greco-Roman statuary, and empty liqour bottles haphazardly arranged around the room. Manfred was seated at his desk, noticeably drunk but pleased that the Scions had made it back to his office. He informed the others of trouble down at the AA docks: his ships were being sunk in the harbor by unknown means. To help the Scions in their investigations, Manfred gave them the Aegis, Athena’s mythical cloak of protection. Pleased to have another artifact in their possession, the heroes went to the AA port immediately.

The limo pulled up to the ports, with the Scions being greeted by a large, muscular man wearing a suit. His name was Maxwell Chuckman, aka “Max the Chuck-Man”, a Scion of Ares who also worked for Mr. Pescatore. Max showed them the damage: perfectly circular holes had been cut into the ship’s hull, sinking it instantly. Littered around the dock were bullet shells of various calibers. Ken spoke to the ship’s spirit, who informed him that there was a firefight on the night it was sunk, along with a terrible screaming sound. Confused but undeterred, the Scions continued investigating. With the help of Omen, Jackson found a series of intriguing clues. A curved cut had been taken out of a nearby container, lining up perfectly with one of the holes in the ship; whatever was doing this damage had some kind of powerful abilities, possibly ranged ones. Some of the shells at the scene were shotgun shells, and years of autopsy experience allowed Jackson to pinpoint what kind they were: it was a very small kind of buckshot, informally known as “double aught”. Right then and there, the Scions knew who they were dealing with. The Double Aught, the Irish gang they had faced in Las Vegas, was in New York City.



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