Collection of the Divine

The Enemy of My Enemy

From New Orleans to New York

As Trey dropped his gun and decided how to deal with Ogden, Ken, Jackson, Fran were still stuck in the kitchen with the pirates. Thinking quickly, Ken managed to blind the sniper with light from Yata-no-Kagami. Rackham was shocked at the sudden display of divine power, her voice travelling to the other room and catching the ear of Ogden Nichols. He appeared to recognize Rackham’s voice, giving Trey the perfect opening to attack the bounty hunter, stabbing his gun hand with the Aztec knife and beating him with his cane. In an expert move, Trey flicked the gun off the floor and into the other room, into the waiting hands of his friend. The pirates were so entranced that Jackson (who was becoming steadily unhinged) fired off a couple rounds at the pirate captain, but missed and only caused her to curse in pain and shock. Ogden now truly recognized Rackham’s voice and became uncharacteristically helpful towards the other Scions. He told Trey that Octavia Rackham was a notorious pirate, taking the #2 spot on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted. She was so difficult to find that he had actually taken a break from tracking to go hunt for Ken instead. Thinking the mercenary was right, Trey allowed him a chance to perform some voodoo, going into a trance as he took control of an unknown person outside the restaurant. Seconds later a powerful shot burst through the wall behind the pirates as a massive sniper round punched a hole in Rackham’s upper arm.

Deciding to beat a hasty retreat (spurred by another taste of Jackson’s Sekhem Barrier), Rackham made a hasty exit with most of her minions, leaving a few to spray covering fire at the dutiful statue barrier. Thinking quickly, Ken tossed a fire extinguisher over the statues, firing at it and letting the chemical foam cover the attackers as the Scions fired into the pirates. Not wanting Rackham to escape, Trey ran through the walls and the foam, trying and failing to attack the pirates as he passed them, before coming out on the other side just as the captain left via a motorboat on the river. Feeling that now was the time to leave (remembering that the building was on fire), Ken untied Kitty and Gordon as they all left. As they escaped the blaze, Ken took time to even save Ogden, remembering his duty as a caregiver, but also partially to rub the act in Ogden’s face. The Scions were safe as Catherine Vasquez ran up to the group, confused as to why she had just fired her sniper rifle at a blank wall. She almost shot Ken, but Ogden ordered her to stand down just as the police and fire brigade arrived (with Trey staying well out of the way of law enforcement.

The group heard a massive explosion as they saw the Godmobile burst into flames, sending shrapnel and artifacts into the air. The party managed to retrieve them, but were horrorstruck by the fact that Morgan was still in the car. That is, until he appeared behind them, rubbing his head and holding a bottle of ginger ale. With everything that had happened to him, he took the car’s destruction and their alliance with Ogden and Catherine in stride. Ogden found a note fluttering down to the group and saw that Rackham had planted a bomb in the car as she left; one final insult in her retreat. Wondering what to do next, Mama Shone showed up and made the choice very clear for them: they all still had artifacts to find. She chastised Ogden for wasting his time hunting down Ken and ignoring his duty to his father. She also searched in vain for Trey (who was hiding in the river still) before telling the group that they would be split up in order to make the search more manageable: Trey, Ken, and Jackson would hit Amtrak up to New York City while Morgan, Kitty, Ogden, and Catherine would go to Chicago. She told Ken he and the others would be going to see and Italian fellow about an artifact possibly belonging to the Dodekatheon. With that she left to go scrounge up train tickets for the Scions.



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