Collection of the Divine

Corsairs in the Crescent City

There's trouble a' cookin'.

As the Scions sped off towards the restaurant, Trey used his Cheval powers to ride Kitty, seeing that she was still indeed at Meats & Sweets and had been taking a heavy beating for at least the past hour. A bored female voice told the person hitting her to start working Gordon over when Trey broke the connection, but not before sussing out the location of other goons inside the restaurant. Believing the direct approach to be the best, Trey (with severe apologies to Fran) drove the car through the front window of the restaurant, crushing four henchmen and critically wounding a fifth. The Scions leapt out of the car and Jackson, feeling particularly vengeful, punched the door to the kitchen with his enchanted hand wraps with incredible force, blasting the door off its hinges and inadvertently crushing another mook. Such was the rage of the Scion of Anubis that his body underwent another spectacular divine transformation as his Sekhem Blaze evolved into a Sekhem Barrier, covering his whole body in awe-inspiring golden light. While thugs in black armor cowered behind their assault rifles, an imposing woman in a long navy coat and an eyepatch sat behind the two captive Scions, sarcastically clapping.

The woman was impressed that the party had arrived so quickly (and made such a splashy entrance). Ken summoned his statues to block the line of guns while Jackson verbally sparred with the woman (who was revealed to be a Scion of Susano-o), each telling the other how things were going to go: Jackson told the woman how the Slender Man was coming, while she only cared for the artifacts retrieved from Crossroads Manor. Jackson suspected the woman was in league with the Slender Man, but she denied this. However, the party noted the stylized BKC insignia on the sleeves of the villains, with Ken realizing that this was the notorious pirate gang known as the Black Kraken Crew. The woman smiled at the recognition and introduced herself as Captain Octavia Rackham and pointedly demanded the artifacts, threatening Kitty and Gordon’s lives. However, Trey noted a gas pipe running outside of the kitchen and fired at it, destroying a good portion of the restaurant and setting the building on fire. Jackson smirked as Octavia quietly seethed. Not willing to give up yet, she told one of the pirates to kill Gordon, as they would leave with Kitty hostage. However, a small red bead of light shone through the window before anyone could do anything, settling squarely between Ken’s eyes. Then Trey felt a gun barrel press against the back of his head as the deep voice of Ogden Nichols greeted him with a growl.


Destructive savior much Trey?

Corsairs in the Crescent City

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