Collection of the Divine

Terror at Crossroads Manor: Part II

The house wants them out. They're happy to oblige.

The Scions were stopped in their conversation as they were alerted to two things: the eyes outside the window and the return of Jackson’s tinnitus. However, one good thing came of this: the eyes did not belong to something malevolent. A cat pressed against the glass doors to the backyard, mewing and rubbing against the doors. Morgan let it in as the rest decided how to deal with the artifact. Finally, Ken summoned one of his statues to retrieve the artifact for them, reasoning that stone would be a better defense against any supernatural harm. The statue easily pulled the artifact out without any harm (but better safe than sorry). The artifact looked very odd, with only Jackson able to identify it: it was an ankusha, or an elephant goad, one of the sacred symbols associated with Ganesha. After identifying the artifact, the Scions noticed two very important things: the cat was talking with Omen (who was actually holding the conversation) and Morgan had suddenly disappeared from the room. The party frantically looked around the room as the cat began to exit, followed by Omen. The Scions followed the animals out into the hall (which had been vacated by the ghoul). It took everyone a few seconds before realizing the stark change that occurred in the hall: the floor was covered in gore and fresh blood, with all the paintings changed into twisted, dark parodies of themselves.

They followed the cat and dog out into the foyer and up to the second floor, hunting the second artifact in the master bedroom. Here, the carpeting was made of human skin and the walls around the Scions were melting. As they sped down the hall, a door behind them burst open, revealing a cadre of zombies backed up by a gaunt necromancer. Not wanting a fight, Ken blocked the hall with his statues as the necromancer cursed and taunted the Scions. In a rage, Jackson shot the dark mage dead for his flagrant disrespect of the dead, but not before the necromancer uttered a final spell to enchant the zombies. Their bodies became elongated and twisted as they scratched and scrabbled at the statues, dealing noticeable damage. The party burst through the door to the bedroom and found Morgan sitting on the bed with three gold rings on his finger. He looked surprised to be there, unable to remember how he’d gotten there before sudden coughing violently, hacking up dark, viscous flecks onto the floor. Trey saw that several black, sinuous tentacles were embedded in his back and sliced them off with the The Dagger of Popocat├ępetl. A horrible cry rang out throughout the manor as the Slender Man oozed out of the bedroom walls, angered at losing a possible new servant. Not wanting to stay any longer, the Scions burst out of the window, landing on the front lawn and fighting their way through the mass of zombies still there. As they reached the car and sped away, Ken felt his vigil brand on Kitty burn, discovering she had been tied up and beaten back at the restaurant and was in need of rescue.



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