Collection of the Divine

Terror at Crossroads Manor: Part I

Sometimes fear is the appropriate response.

After escaping the zombies, the party was not keen on entering a room in a haunted mansion via a spoken invitation. They were welcomed into a parlor by a mysterious figure, who appeared to the Scions as Kahlfu, Loa god of black magic and Legba’s evil twin. He mocked and taunted the Scions, calling them to be poor emissaries of the gods. He manipulated Gordon into bringing the artifacts to test the party, trying to prove their worth as Scions. The Scions question Kahlfu, wanting to know about the house, but he rebuffed them. The only time he showed any other emotion apart from smug satisfaction was when Jackson mentioned the Slender Man; Kahlfu flat out disbelieved him. He left, but not before saying that a group of necromancers had taken lodging in the mansion and would be opposing them, along with other things.

The party, feeling very apprehensive, left the parlor, deciding to go to the ballroom to look for the first artifact. Hoping Trey’s map would lead the way, they went to the next immediate door, finding a very dusty library. They tried finding another door, but were distracted by faint whispers and the constant rustle of books. They left as soon as the shelves began to fall, with books flinging themselves at the heroes. They tried the other door, leading down a long hallway, tastefully decorated with various paintings. Ken asked a painting where the ballroom was, which was at the end of the hall; it also pointedly told him that they were all going to die. As the party walked further down, a loud banging was heard as the door to the foyer burst open behind them. A giant ghoul lumbered towards the party as Jackson and Morgan shot at it, while Trey frantically picked the lock to the ballroom.. The party ran into the ballroom and barred the door. They peered through the gloom, the large hall being mostly empty apart from some discarded tables and chairs and a large grand piano. The Scions wondered if the artifact was inside the piano, but feared some grisly mishap if they put a hand into it. As they debated, Morgan turned to find an eerie pair of glowing eyes looking at them through a window. Then Jackson heard a faint yet familiar tinny ringing in his ears…



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