Collection of the Divine

Southern Hospitality

Welcome, foolish mortals.

After viewing the disturbing video, the party began making plans for what to do next in New Orleans. They divided the artifacts between themselves, pairing them up with those who could use them best. Mama Shone told them all that they were to meet Francine Spicer and Gordon Baker, a Voodoo and Hindu Scion respectively. Trey brightened at the prospect of meeting his distant relative when Mama suddenly got a phone call. From what the Scions could tell, Francine had called with very bad news. In an unknown fit, Gordon took the artifacts and hid them somewhere. Mama shooed the party off to Francine and Gordon’s restaurant in downtown. Upon leaving, they were faced with the Slender Man just by the Godmobile. While Morgan took aim and Ken summoned his statues, Mama Shone laughed, revealing the Slender Man to be a dummy. She told them sternly that a direct attack against him would never, ever work, with the best option being to run like hell (as Trey had done upon seeing the dummy). She bid them all farewell, but not upon giving them a special lantern, cryptically telling them that they’d soon need it.

A few minutes later, the party pulled up to Meats and Sweets, a BBQ and p√Ętisserie eatery, just as it began to close. Francine embraced Trey as he entered, leading him and the party to the bakery where Gordon was looking sullen. In between pulls at a bottle of rum, Gordon explained how he felt the artifacts would be safer in a different spot, saying he felt as if he was being compelled to move them. He told them that he had taken them to a local state landmark: an antebellum mansion known as Crossroads Manor, reputed for being haunted and used as a hideout for necromancers. Resigned to their task, the Scions dutifully mounted up, with Francine joining the main group and Kitty staying at the restaurant to keep an eye on things (and Gordon).

The party made it to the mansion just as the sun was setting (Jackson noticed the creepy atmosphere of their surroundings). Eager to get the items, the Scions marched across the lawn and towards the house, but were suddenly set upon by a pack of zombies. The undead creatures were no match for the divine heroes, but their numbers were steadily increasing as more of them burst from the front lawn. Thinking quick, Francine punched opened the locked doors to the house, letting everyone inside and shutting and barring them afterwards. They all took in the gloomy interior of the mansion, but their eyes were drawn to an open door, where firelight flickered within and a deep voice bid them welcome.



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