Collection of the Divine

Going South

A slim chance of escape.

The entire party began fleeing for their lives, knowing that the Slender Man was in hot pursuit. However, an unwelcome scent met their noses: smoke. They soon figured out its origin when they came across the source: the Ravenwood Psychiatric Institute was on fire. Tyler fell into a panic, but Ken swooped up and carried him as they all ran around the facility, straight to the Godmobile. Trey suddenly received a prophecy from his map, but was horrorstruck to see an indescribably terrifying image scrawled across the paper, complete with a taunting message from the Slender Man. He overcame the fear, impressing the monster. However, the car was still not functioning, leading Ken to call on his statues to help push the car. The car only moved slowly, worse still in the direction of the Slender Man. Jackson, Omen, and Tyler were screaming in fear as Trey desperately tried getting the car to work. With nothing else to do, Morgan began squeezing off shots at the creature, but his gun jammed with each pull of the trigger. This gained him the Slender Man’s attention, who assaulted Morgan’s mind with images of past failures, placing him in the trials at Hades, specifically the one devised by Persephone. Kitty noticed Morgan’s disturbing behavior and attempted to free him, but to no avail. Frustrated and frightened, Trey pounded on the dash as both he and Ken were surrounded by pillars of light, noting their ascension up the scale of divinity, granting them new powers. Trey inadvertently merged with the spirit of the car, driving at top speed to escape the Slender Man. In a last-ditch attack, the Slender Man grabbed onto Kitty, tormenting her mind as well, drawing on her childhood fear of mummies and mentally trapping her inside a sarcophagus. Jackson beat the monster back, saving Kitty. Trey raised the car’s roof, psychically shielding them all from any more assaults as they sped off from the hospital.

They dropped off Wilhelmina and Tyler at another local Kansas City hospital just as Trey got a call from Mama Shone. She was pleased to hear they had all survived, reminding them to get down to New Orleans as fast as possible. Trey obliged, fearing the woman’s wrath if he was late. He sped down south, getting to Mama Shone’s bayou home around mid-morning. All five of the heroes were exhausted, both physically and mentally. They dragged themselves up to Mama Shone’s door, enticed by the smell of breakfast. The woman let them in, setting out a massive spread for them, knowing the hardships they’d faced. Everyone ate well, but Trey was still on edge after his lengthy and grueling training under Shone. Shone finally got around to explaining the Slender Man. She told them he was an ancient monster, intelligent and malevolent towards all life. While he wasn’t a Titan, he was at least as old, but she couldn’t say what he was exactly. She said that he had been seen and mentioned in all of the world’s religions, taking various forms and names, such as Lommance (from the French l’homme mince, the slim man) of Voodoo lore or the Black Pharaoh from Egyptian tales. The Slender Man was reputed to have ill effects on nature spirits (such as kodoma and nymphs) due to his associations with fog and trees. She told them about his minions: Maskies, spectral entities used for the more brutish work, and Proxies, humans who were either enslaved to his will or willingly followed him in worship. She had no idea why he was stealing divine artifacts or his apparent hatred of Egyptian Scions. All she knew was that the Slender Man was incredibly dangerous. Finally, she showed them a videotape taken from a simple video camera. It was evidence in a string of gruesome murders of young teens. For the most part, the video showed the teens playing at a local park, but then the image tore as the faceless menace appeared near the end of the tape. Mama Shone explained that the video had been recorded a few days ago in the New Orleans area. All of the kids on it were either dead or still missing. The message was clear: the Slender Man was everywhere and most likely in New Orleans right now.



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