Collection of the Divine

The Slender Man Cometh

To know him is to fear him.

With the Godmobile still out of commission, the party shacked up at the guest rooms in the hospital for the night. Awaking in the morning (with Morgan and Kitty sleeping in for personal reasons), Wilhelmina met them and told them that they could see Tyler now that he was awake and had breakfast. She assured him that he was both lucid and safe enough to speak with, but cautioned them against doing or saying anything to upset him. The Scions entered the room, finding the walls to be covered in hundreds of Polaroid pictures, with Tyler sitting on the bed and facing the wall. All of the pictures were either within the hospital or on the grounds, all of them with random subjects. Only after Jackson made their presence known did Tyler begin to interact with them. What Wilhelmina said was true: he was open and talkative, if somewhat unhinged. Despite talking with the Scions, Tyler seemed withdrawn and reluctant to talk about the incident. He did seem attracted to Kitty, most likely based on their relation to the Norse gods. However, Tyler still didn’t answer questions very well. All he said was that the artifacts were in a box on the grounds and the thieves were possibly nearing. As this was going on, Trey searched Tyler’s bathroom (also covered in pictures) and found a single hair, attaching it to a voodoo doll. Wilhelmina entered the room after a while and took Tyler away for his therapy session, leaving the Scions alone in the room with more transcripts of Tyler’s therapy sessions.

Ken spoke to the spirit of Tyler’s camera, who told him that Tyler began taking an inordinate amount of pictures after leaving the infirmary a week ago. The group read the transcripts, finding that Tyler was suffering from terrible hallucinations and psychotic episodes, leading him to create disturbing drawings and eventually stabbing himself in the neck with a pen (explaining a bandage he had around his neck). The documents stated how Tyler saw haunting words on his walls that no-one else did. Thinking they were ethereal words, Ken asked Yata no Kagami about them, but the spirit of the mirror said that there were physical, visible words on the walls under the pictures. Meanwhile, Morgan’s detecting skills led him to a secret box Tyler was apparently keeping, containing a dictaphone with a log of Wilhelmina’s and the pictures mentioned in the session logs. The Scions debated briefly if disturbing Tyler’s pictures violated either Harmony or Order, but the random placement of the pictures led them to just go ahead and remove every last one. Underneath were a variety of short, threatening messages, written in the same scrawl as the previous messages the Scions saw, with all of the O’s crossed out. Trey had a faint memory of a similar symbol from his time learning under Mama Shone and called her up to ask her about it. Mama Shone grew very quiet told Try and the others to leave the room immediately. She asked if the symbol had been written in fresh blood, which Trey said it wasn’t. Mama Shone said that it was very important that he and the others finish their work, stay away from trees and fog, and get to Louisiana as soon as possible, otherwise there could be fatal consequences.

Suddenly there was a piercing scream that resounded throughout the halls, prompting the Scions to investigate. Trey stayed behind to look in on Tyler and Wilhelmina through Rada’s Eyes (with Morgan guarding him) seeing the psychiatrist had left the room and Tyler. Ken, Jackson, Kitty, and Wilhelmina met outside the cafeteria, finding a freshly-eviscerated body and the words FOUND YOU written in the man’s blood, with both of the O’s crossed out. Jackson became more and more worried as the ringing in his ears returned, with him starting to see things that he thought weren’t there. Meanwhile, Trey wrote a short note for Tyler, warning him to keep away from the (X) symbol. Tyler reacted with intense fear towards the symbol as Trey released control over him. Trey and Morgan raced back to the party with Mama Shone on speakerphone. With the symbol written in blood, Mama Shone told the Scions to find the artifacts and leave immediately, but another scream was heard. This time it was Tyler, as Wilhelmina returned to the room to find Tyler distraught, finally remembering the location of the artifacts: the cherry orchard on the hospital grounds. He begged the others not to go, saying he wanted them to go out there, but they ignored him. The Scions sped off to the orchard, locating the box with the help of the friendly spirit of a water spigot. Omen dug up the box to reveal three artifacts: Megingjörð (Thor’s belt of strength) Pecos Bill’s Six-Shooter, and an unidentifiable obsidian knife. Victory was at hand, but all was not right. Jackson’s tinnitus turned into a full-blown migraine as eldritch words began forming in his head, turning into threats and demands in English. Jackson saw a shape coming through the orchard and fired the revolver at it, but the bullet was batted away by a long, black tendril. Out of the trees came a tall figure, twice the height of a normal man. He was dressed in an immaculate black suit and tie. And the man had no face. Taking the artifacts, the Scions raced off, trying to get out of the trees and back to safety as the pale, slender man gave chase.



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