Collection of the Divine

Where Madness Lies

"But the devil when he purports any evil against man, first perverts his mind." -- Athenagoras of Athens

With the room completely blacked out, the fight took a very different turn, with only a few of the combatants able to see in the warehouse. Morgan stole a shotgun from one of the mooks, beginning to get threatening. Jackson located Muldoon in the gloom and turned his Sekhem Blaze on him, thoroughly terrifying the gangster into forcing his minions to stop fighting. However, Ogden and Catherine were not backing down, still blindly trying and failing to attack their targets (faring no better than those attacking them). Finally, both of the opposing Scions were down, thanks to Morgan’s new shotgun and Omen’s large body. Morgan demanded that Ogden and Catherine stop stalking Ken, but Ogden wasn’t responding. Ken, having had enough of being marked for death, told Morgan to cut off Ogden’s gun hand to ensure his safety. Trey tried to turn the lights back on, but nothing happened; if anything, the warehouse got even darker. Suddenly, a gravely, resounding voice was heard by all in the warehouse, speaking directly to Muldoon, scaring him even more. The voice said it was displeased with Muldoon’s efforts, considering leaving him to his fate. As the voice spoke, the ringing Jackson previous heard was getting louder to the point of being painful. Muldoon begged for a second chance, which the voice provided. A wet tearing sound was heard and the voice said that the portal was open. Seeing a chance at escape, Muldoon took it, as Ogden evaded Morgan and fled with Catherine.

The lights came back and a horrifically disgusting scene met the Scion’s eyes. Two of the four Double Aught goons had apparently been ripped apart, their remains spread across the floor of the warehouse. The heroes used their acute occult knowledge to gauge what kind of magic could use this. Kitty realized that this kind of magic was ancient and was not connected with any known pantheons. The others suspected Titans at the very worst. The other two goons, shaken by the horrors they’d experienced, were interrogated by both Morgan and Jackson. Using the Feather of Truth, Jackson realized that one of the gangsters had piracy, shipjacking, and sabotage on his heart, not the typical criminal acts for a landlocked thug. The goon tried lying his way out, but was defeated, getting more and more agitated. He pleaded for a cigarette of his to smoke (which Ken graciously got for him), but the Scions discovered the smoke was laced with cyanide, killing the thug instantly. This was no problem, as Morgan summoned the dead man’s soul back to the world of the living. The ghost, shocked at how he had been cheated out of his suicide, finally gave in. He told the Scions about a phone he had, a tattoo on his arm (revealed as the letters BKC stylized in the form of a squid), and gave them the name “Captain Octavia Rackham”. Satisfied, the ghost was allowed to depart by the party as they began to get their bearings for the next part of their quest. Jackson followed Omen outside, who had been sniffing around the front door. They found a raven standing on the hood of the car and drew the others outside. The raven gave Jackson a note before flying off, which said that the Scions were to drive to the Ravenwood Psychiatric Institute and meet one Dr. Wilhelmina Lalonde. The party was there within a day, taking some time to rest at a motel on the way to Kansas.

It began to rain heavily as the Scions drove into town, getting heavier as they came closer to hospital. Suddenly, the car stopped in the middle of the road with no discernible reason for breaking down. Ken used his powers to speak with the spirit of the car, which told him that an unknown force was stopping the car from coming any closer. The Scions were forced to make the rest of the trip on foot, arriving at the institute’s gates in ten minutes. The party was buzzed in and brought into the foyer, where the receptionist told them that Wilhelmina was with a patient called Tyler Mikkelsen, affectionately known among the staff as “the mad Swede”. The nickname piqued Trey and Ken’s interests, remembering the prophecy they’d received. The Scions waited, with Jackson passing the time by brushing Omen. As he looked out the window at the rain, one of the trees outside seemed off to him, but he was distracted by a flash of lightning and what appeared to be the same man from the warehouse rafters appeared for a brief moment outside. Soon Wilhelmina showed up, thanking them for their patience. The Scions asked about the artifacts she had for them, but she frowned, admitting that something had happened that had caused her to forget all about them. She brought them into their office, explaining something had happened a while back at Redwood National Park. She, Tyler, and a third person called Pedro were there retrieving artifacts, but a chunk of time was cut from her memory, ending with Tyler insane and Pedro dead. Only Tyler knew the full details, but his psychosis meant it was difficult to understand him at times. She showed the party a transcript of a taped therapy session, which revealed that an unknown figure attacked them, resulting in Pedro’s death and possible Tyler’s madness. Wilhelmina closed her computer and told the party to return the next day, when she would allow them to speak directly with Tyler.


Morgan: Criminals of the world, if you encounter me, not even death will save you from my interregation.

Where Madness Lies

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