Collection of the Divine

The Bonds of Camaraderie

The cat came back the very next day.

As the Scions drove, Jackson demanded an explanation from both Ken and Trey. Ken came clean, telling Jackson about the incident in Brazil and his pursuit by Scions of Ogoun. Trey, still unsure about his relation to this affair, said he believed his father had some dealings with the Muldoon and, by extension, the Double Aught. Jackson mused about his friends’ situations as Trey got a phone call from an unexpected caller: Kitty, still posing as “Alexis”. She was calling from a nearby bar, admitting that she had fled from the quest after the fight in the museum, but her father had forced her to return. They met her there, with Jackson testing out the Feather of Ma’at on her. With it, he learned of her various crimes, including thievery, grifting, pick-pocketing, and attempting to steal the Crown Jewels. However, she did have excellent taste in clothes and skill in drink-mixing. They drove to the warehouse, formulating a plan as the sun began to set.

Meanwhile, at the warehouse, Morgan was slowly regaining consciousness after having been beaten and drugged by the malicious mobsters. Within the warehouse, he saw Muldoon, a handful of thugs (four humans, two dullahans), and two Scions: Ogden Nichols, Scion of Ogoun, and Catherine Vasquez, Scion of Tezcatlipoca. Muldoon made threatening small talk with Morgan, who gave as well as he got, while Ogden and Vasquez grumbled about how late Ken and the others were. Morgan was becoming such a nuisance that Muldoon had him gagged and knocked out again as they all waited more.

Unbeknownst to them, the Scions had finally arrived outside of the warehouse, a plan fully formulated. Kitty snuck around to the back, picking the lock to the backdoor and slipping inside. Ken, Trey, and Jackson listened at the door as the people inside spoke more. Kitty weighed her options: whether or not to engage them directly in combat or try her own silver-tongued skills first. She went with the latter option, disguising her flashbang and hiding it in her cloak before presenting herself to the group. Muldoon fumbled a little before finally placing her as the Tower Thief of 1997 back in London. She chatted pleasantly with him, turning the conversation to the other Scions, telling him they hadn’t left the hotel. Muldoon was furious, angrily calling Jackson, allowing Kitty with enough distraction to drop her flashbang and run. The other Scions kicked the doors open, bursting into the warehouse as the mobsters were disorientated. Morgan burst out of the chains as Ken summoned his statues. One dullahan whipped one of the statues, leaving a large gash down its front. Jackson shot at one of the thugs, but missed, distracted by the crack of the dullahan’s whip. Catherine hunted down Kitty, slashing at her with a nasty-looking knife. Ogden focused on Ken, firing at him with his submachine gun and missing. The second dullahan attacked Morgan, giving him a nasty whipping of his own. Trey took initiative and attacked the first dullahan directly, punching it with a golden ring on his hand. Morgan took a different course of action, turning off the lights at a breaker box and plunging the whole warehouse into darkness, the only light coming from the setting sun outside. Suddenly, Jackson heard a sharp ringing in his ears as he looked up and saw someone standing on a catwalk in the dim light of the building looking down at the scene: an unknown man dressed only in a black suit. Jackson tried but was unable to see the man’s face.



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