Collection of the Divine

Place Your Bets

It's not just money they're gambling with.

The next day, the heroes awoke in their luxurious hotel suite. Jackson woke to find that Morgan had left early before the rest of them, leaving behind a note saying he had gone to the police station to deal with the gang possibility. Jackson told Ken and Trey, who were preparing to begin infiltrating the vault to retrieve the Feather. Leaving them, Jackson went to the concierge desk and asked where Charlotte was, hoping the ticket would be ready. One worker said she should be in the break room, but no-one was inside save for a single Calico cat. Jackson and the cat stared at each other before the cat pressed on an electrical outlet, opening a secret panel in the wall. The cat led Jackson down to a chamber beneath the Luxor, where various forging and counterfeiting equipment was being kept. Charlotte was down there as well and Jackson told her that the cat had brought him to her. Charlotte told him that the ticket still needed a couple hours before completion, explaining that the forging equipment was part of a project she and four other people within Las Vegas knew about. Jackson asked her about the gangs in town, curious about them. She mentioned that two gangs took prominence in the city: the Double Aught (Irish mob) and the Jiang Shi (Triads). Both towered over the gangs for their inclusion of supernatural creatures (such as Dullahans for the Double Aught) and Scions. Jackson then revealed to Charlotte that Morgan had gone to the police to rustle up some heavier security, sending her into a panic. Charlotte feared that Morgan would catch the attention of the gangs, since most of the police were in their pockets. She sent the cat (named Mavis) to investigate with the help of local strays, berating Morgan for his brashness. Jackson went back to the room to relate what he’d heard to the others. Ken said the Vigil Brand he’d placed on Morgan wasn’t acting up, so he was fine for the most part, despite not answering his phone.

With a couple hours to kill, the three went back down to the casino to play some more games. Jackson was still putting Charlotte’s fake chips to good use. He tried his luck at the virtual horse races when a strange man nearby began making small talk with him. Jackson and the man chatted amiably for a while, conversing switching from favorite casino games to the approaching auction. The conversation took a more sinister turn when the man mentioned Trey, Trey’s father, and the Double Aught, concerning Jackson. The man left, telling Jackson to tell Trey that Ian Muldoon said hello. Jackson immediately found Trey and Ken at a nearby bar, telling them everything that had happened. Trey became very worried as he revealed that his dad may have had dealings with the Double Aught in the past. None of them could worry about that now, as Charlotte called Ken and told him the ticket was ready. Dressed in his best, Ken picked up the ticket from the concierge and confronted the guards. He convinced them to let him into the auction items’ vault, where he found and spoke to the painting of “The Hall of Two Truths”. However, the painting revealed that only a member of the Pesedjet could claim the feather. Ken left the vault and told the others, leaving the three to come up with a plan on how to get the feather before the auction. They needed a distraction to get the guards away, allowing them to get inside once Ken talked to the vault’s keypad. Trey put forth an idea and had Ken get him several different items, saying he was going to do something that got him kicked out of the Luxor almost 3 years ago: he would be going into the casino as the notorious card-counter Raymond Croft.

Later, Trey, dressed as Raymond, entered the casino, causing a stir among gamblers and dealers alike, and sat down at a blackjack table, where the dealer instantly recognized him. Ken called Charlotte, telling her about “Raymond’s” reappearance, sending her into a seething rage. Security from all over the building descended on the casino, leaving one lone guard at the door, which Jackson easily intimidated into leaving via his Sekhem Blaze. A quick word to the keypad and Ken and Jackson were in, quickly retrieving the Feather. The painting congratulated them, but its voice took on a horrific, menacing tone, demanding the Feather be given to whoever was speaking through the painting. Two of the masked thieves rose up from the floor, but the Scions easily outran them, locking them inside the vault. Back in the casino, security and the casino manager had finally caught Trey, who made a daring escape by tossing over $100,000 worth of chips into the air, leaving the greedy patrons to aid in his leaving. The three Scions met in the lobby and high-tailed it to the car, leaving Charlotte very confused and angry. Just as they got into the Godmobile, Ken felt a searing pain shoot through his body, revealing that Morgan was in danger, but not revealing the threat’s nature. Just then, Jackson got a call on his cell phone, the caller turning out to be Ian Muldoon, the man he’d met in the morning. Muldoon taunted the Scions, saying he had Morgan as a captive, demanding Trey and Ken give themselves up to the Double Aught. He said that he was intent on finding out where Trey’s father was before he told Jackson to give Ken the phone. Over the phone, two people, a man and a woman, talked to Ken, mentioned that they wanted him personally to pay for his slight against Ogoun. The phone went dead and Jackson demanded an explanation.



Place Your Bets

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