Collection of the Divine

Riches of the Pharaoh

Viva Las Vegas

The jorogumo lay unconscious at the feet of the Scions as the group set about tidying up their mess. Trey stayed with the fallen foe; Ken and Daniel went off to find binding to hold their captive; Jackson and Morgan gave the deceased museum employees their finals rites. Within the museum, the two death god Scions smelled the scent of decaying plant matter coming from within the Japanese exhibit. Inside, the Sword and Jewel were gone, with the Mirror left behind, defaced by two crossed, diagonal scratches. Smeared on the wall was the word REGARDS, painted on the wall with a foul-smelling substance made of decomposing plant matter with an unidentifiable black slime. Traces of the same substance were found around the missing items’ stands, which Morgan took samples of. Once Ken and Daniel had returned with rope (subsequentially used to tie up the jorogumo), Jackson told the others that two of the three Regalia were stolen, surmising that the jorogumo was merely a distraction. Ken and Daniel set about speaking to various objects, trying to get a picture of the crime. Daniel went to the security booth while Ken stayed in the exhibit. First he spoke to the Mirror, who could only give a vague idea of what had happened, still disorientated from the attack. A nearby wall scroll gave a better image, telling Ken of black-cloaked thieves wearing nearly blank white masks. It also mentioned a shadowy figure in the room, too horrible to look at or look away. Finally, he spoke with the stand the Sword stood on, getting less information than he could have imagined. Ken met with Daniel in the security booth, who showed him footage of the room. Interspersed with several instances of static and image distortion was footage of the shadowy figure (who disappeared from the video after a few seconds) and the thieves.

Outside, Morgan and Jackson woke up the jorogumo, tossing buckets of water on it. The two began interrogating it, with Jackson inflicting his Sekhem Blaze upon the creature as a means of intimidating it. The jorogumo only laughed, even through broken limbs, as it resisted, taunting them, asking why it would talk if its purpose was fulfilled. Suddenly, Morgan noticed smoke coming from the monster and fled, with Jackson doing the same with Omen’s warning. The jorogumo burst into flames, incinerating itself. Morgan and Jackson surmised that the jorogumo had been killed by an outside agent to preclude interrogation. Within the ashes, Morgan took a venom sac as a prize. The Scions regrouped within the museum, all now acutely aware of Kitty’s absence. Daniel guessed that she had ran back to London, unable to deal with the dangers promised in the quest. He soon received two phone calls as the group discussed the theft: one from his father, Tsuki-Yomi, and one from the group’s new contact, Charlotte DeCarabas. He pointed them towards Las Vegas, giving them room reservations at the Luxor hotel and a notice about a charity auction going on there, focusing on Egyptian items. Daniel bade them farewell as they drove off in the Godmobile, Trey setting the speed dial to 4 and cutting the drive time by two-thirds. Along the way, the radio played travel-appropriate music to set the mood.

In three hours, the group reached the Luxor, its massive beam shooting out from the pyramid’s top. As Jackson and Morgan gave the keys to a valet, Trey and Ken noticed two bouncers about to throw out a severely drunk guest with an angry woman following behind. Unable to move quickly enough, Trey had the guest tossed onto him, but steadied himself, keeping himself and the man from falling, taking the opportunity to lift his wallet. The woman was soon identified as Charlotte, greeting Jackson with a hug and calling him “cousin”, revealing herself as a member of the Pesedjet and a Scion of Bastet. She checked them all in, telling them she’d meet at their room in an hour before letting them order room service and slipping Jackson a handful of chips. In the hour, Morgan cleaned his guns (taking care to observe the rules of hospitality, having been warned of Charlotte’s fastidiousness); Jackson took Omen for a walk and gambled a bit before returning to the room for dinner; Ken and Trey flitted around the various bars, hearing stories from various guests. Once the four were all settled, Charlotte arrived, telling them about the auction and the item they would be recovering from it: the Feather of Ma’at, hidden in a reproduction of “The Hall of Two Truths”. Unfortunately, she realized that she forgot to forge an invitation to the event for any of them, but reassured that it wouldn’t take long. A plan was formed: Ken, Morgan, and Jackson would enter the vault containing the painting to “inspect” it, taking the Feather before it could be auctioned. If anything went wrong, Trey would be a proxy bidder to ensure they still obtained it. However, Charlotte warned them of possible gang activity, fearing local mobs might plan to interrupt the auction but thought it unlikely that the artifact would be taken by them. With that, she wished them good night, leaving them to sleep.



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