Collection of the Divine

My Spider Sense is Tingling

You don't want the kiss of this spider woman.

As the main party discovered the true identity of a possible thief at the World Cultural Museum, Kitty Ford’s plane landed at the San Jose International Airport. Going under the guise of Alexis Locke, art historian for the British Museum, she was unexpectedly picked up at the airport in a limo by a mysterious chauffeur. The chauffeur revealed himself to be Kitty’s father Loki, who gave her a quick run-down of the Gods’ situation, the band she would be joining, and where she was going. Loki dropped her off at the museum, giving her a hug and a small wish for success before driving off. She was immediately met at the entrance by Jackson’s dog Omen, who led her inside. Kitty followed Omen to where Jackson was, which was still tailing the jorogumo inside the Indian wing. He met Kitty (still going as Alexis) and told Omen to lead her to where the rest of the group was. Unfortunately, this distraction led him to lose the jorgumo momentarily, but he followed her to the nearby Oceania wing.

Taking the elevator down, Kitty met up with the rest of the group, who were on their way back up to make plans for how to deal with any possibility of attack. Introductions were made, but Morgan and Trey were not fooled by Kitty’s alias, having dealt with similar people before. Ken, however, had no reason to disbelieve her, due to knowing the background of Alexis Locke as a real person. Daniel told her the situation as the five of them ascended to the main floor. Meanwhile, Jackson kept following the jorogumo, though with mounting difficulty due to her becoming aware of his attempts. She went to the second floor via the elevator as Jackson followed up the stairs, missing her by minutes. He informed the group of her disappearance, forcing Trey to locate her using his magic map and Rada’s Eyes once more. He found her in a maintenance room, communicating with a spider in one of the air ducts. However, the connection was short-lived as she sensed it quicker this time. The group surmised she was in one of the rooms within the Russian wing on the second floor, but they had no time to search for her and began to set their plan into motion.

As a precaution, Daniel had the air ducts cleaned immediately, with the ones in the Japanese wing shuttered. Ken and Kitty dressed themselves as a maintenance worker and security guard respectively, while the rest piled in the “Godmobile” to watch from afar. The plan was simple: take the storage crates for the Regalia and make it appear as though they were being carted away to be stored in the secure warehouse for the night. The thief would be deterred and the artifacts would be safe. Ken ran with the crew moving the boxes while Kitty did rounds in the museum to make sure things were safe. However, things began to unravel quickly. After Ken brought the boxes out with Kitty in tow, Kitty heard a cry from inside the museum. She raced inside as Ken stayed with the boxes, trundling them to the warehouse. Seeing something was up, Jackson, Morgan, and Omen raced to the museum. The Scions found a dead security guard who had apparently been poisoned, according to Jackson. Morgan spoke to the dead guard, who’s spirit said he had been attacked and bitten by a large spider. Worrying about what was going on, Trey possessed Ken, turning him up and around after one of the others on the crates had mysteriously vanished. Both Trey and Ken saw three monstrous spiders on the roof of the museum, all looking directly at Ken. Ken took the time to summon his statue warriors as Kitty, Morgan, and Jackson exited the museum, hearing Omen bark frantically. Morgan tossed a flashbang up to the roof, disorientating the spiders. This summoned the jorogumo to come defend her children, now in her terrifying true human/spider form.



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