Shock and confusion run through the pantheons as sacred items of immense power and value are found stolen from the Overworlds. Odin’s Mead of Poetry no longer rests in his chamber. Osiris’ ancient symbols of office have been taken. Brahma’s powerful bow is missing from his armory. The Celestial Bureaucracy grinds to a halt when its book of records is nowhere to be found. The various gods wonder if agents of the Titans are responsible for this heinous theft. All the while, tensions rise as each pantheon views the others with suspicion, suspecting some kind of powerplay is in motion or that one of the more notorious tricksters is the culprit.

Unable to continue the war against the Titans while worrying about the missing artifacts, the gods call forth some of their children on Earth, charging them to band together and find the stolen items. In an attempt to prevent more theft, other artifacts from each pantheon have been hidden in the mortal world. The Scions must find these artifacts, investigate and foil the thieves, and bring order to world once more.

Collection of the Divine

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